MOVEit DMZ Overview

Mission-Critical Data Transfers Now Meet Compliance and Security Requirements

Today, organizations need a Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution that not only exceeds their security and compliance requirements, but also improves IT governance over file and data transfer interactions while seamlessly integrating with existing systems. MOVEit DMZ Enterprise is an extremely secure MFT server solution that you can trust to put between your network and the internet, allowing you to easily manage and optimize even your most business critical file and data transfers.

MOVEit DMZ Overview: Key Features and Benefits

  • Gain visibility and insight with extensive and customizable reporting
  • Manage, provision, and automate all internal and external file and data interactions
  • Create and enforce security policies and file-expiration rules
  • Ensure privacy and confidentiality with end-to-end encryption and non-repudiation
  • Give end users a simple and secure way to quickly transfer files with other people
  • Automate file transfer processes when paired with the MOVEit Central workflow engine.
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Optional Modules

  • Ad Hoc Transfer: Enable person-to-person file transfer using a Web browser or Microsoft Outlook.
  • API Interface: Get programmatic access to MOVEit DMZ to improve web application integration and automated account provisioning.
  • DLP Module: Created exclusively by HANDD Business Solutions, the MOVEit DMZ DLP Module extends the functionality of the MOVEit DMZ Ad Hoc file delivery system. As a result, messages and files that leave the enterprise network are subject to the same scrutiny as corporate emails.
  • High Availability: Ensure 100% availability with our optional web farm architecture.
  • Multi-Tenancy: Multiple organization configuration where different divisions or departments use separate branding, folders, and authentication.

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MOVEit DMZ as a Hosted Service

MOVEit DMZ is also available as a hosted service, so you can get the same functionality you’ll get in the on-premise version, yet with the many benefits that come from a solution delivered as a hosted service.

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