MOVEit DMZ High Availability Module

MOVEit DMZ has a flexible architecture designed for high availability systems. It can be deployed on two or more boxes and in various configurations depending on your business, technology, and security requirements.

The distributed deployment of MOVEit DMZ components with access controlled by a third-party load balancer provides a means to scale availability and increase performance by adding application nodes to the web farm. High availability can be gained by clustering multiple database nodes and multiple filesystem nodes. The MOVEit DMZ web farm operates as a single MOVEit DMZ that handles all client requests, and coordinates data across the nodes.

MOVEit DMZ High Availablity Module Requirements

Each MOVEit DMZ node must be running under Windows 2003 or Windows 2008 R2 (32 or 64 bit), be using the same MOVEit DMZ version (v.7.0 or higher recommended) and the identical “MOVEit DMZ Resiliency” program version. A special license key is needed to implement the MOVEit DMZ failover and scalability capabilities.