MOVEit DMZ API Interface Module

The MOVEit DMZ API Interface module and clients offer third-party programs including Web applications programmatic access to a wide variety of MOVEit DMZ services and administrative capabilities.

Third-party control of MOVEit services and administrative functions requires use of a locally installed copy of the MOVEit DMZ API Java class or the MOVEit DMZ API Windows COM component. The API Java class is typically used by Java programs and requires Sun Java v.1.4.2 or higher (v.1.5 preferred). The class comes with a precompiled, standard FTP-like command-line client interface for use by mainframe JCL, Unix/Linux shell scripts, and local operating system schedulers like Cron.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Create, transfer and delete files, messages and Web form postings
  • Create, manage and delete users, folders and permissions
  • Securely store files, messages and Web form postings
  • Run pre-designed reports and create and run custom reports
  • Utilize the built-in MOVEit user database
  • Retrive detailed status and report data about the above