MOVEit DMZ Ad Hoc Transfer Module

Beat the insecure Dropbox culture with the MOVEit DMZ Ad Hoc Transfer Module

Now organizations can enforce consistent policies and processes around person-to-person file-transfers – email encryption, attachment offloading, secure messaging, eDiscovery, and more – with the MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer Module.

The MOVEit DMZ Ad Hoc Transfer enables person-to-person file transfer in a visible and well managed way while giving end users a secure way to quickly send encrypted files and secure messages to other people using their browser or Outlook.

Key Features and Benefits

Business Benefits

  • Increase productivity: No more time spent figuring out how to send a file to someone else
  • Simplify collaboration: Easily send encrypted files and secure messages to anyone, both internal and external to an organization
  • No training required: Senders simply use their browser and/or Outlook to send secure email attachments and messages

IT Benefits

  • Email offloading: Remove the “file attachment” burden from the email server
  • Easy management: Manage all person-to-person file transfers within their MFT environment
  • Increase control: Enforce administrator defined policies and rules for sending files, including email offloading, secure messaging, email encryption, data retention, and more
  • Email encryption: Encrypts sent attachments and messages
  • Improve visibility: Provides auditability of all file sharing activities
  • Zero user administration: No ongoing end user management or provisioning required
  • Remote installation: Outlook plug-in can be remotely deployed on end user machines

Available on-premise or in the cloud

Encrypted Email, Attachment Offloading and Secure Messaging

By providing employees an easy way to securely send files to other people, MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer reduces employees’ reliance on insecure email, instant messenger, and third-party file transfer software and websites, not to mention thumb drives and DVDs.

This solution gives IT the visibility and control it needs to effectively offload email attachments and give the entire organization the data protection it requires. Additionally, it frees IT departments from the administrative burden related to provisioning users on the file transfer server, improves overall file transfer governance, and streamlines visibility, logging, and reporting of all file transfers for compliance and auditing purposes. Administrators can automate the remote installation of the Outlook plug-in on end user computers with the MSI installation package using Active Directory Group Policy.

MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer provides all the advantages of eDiscovery. With tamper-evident logging and complete package archiving, users and IT can access all transferred data – not just what was sent or received.

Ad Hoc Transfer also removes the file attachment burden on the organization’s email server. This avoids bounced emails due to large file attachments and clogging recipient’s inboxes with large files, thus improving the organization’s server performance.

Benefits for File Senders

Quickly Send Encrypted Files And Secure Messages To Other People

Now there’s a better option than insecure email, instant messenger, third-party software, thumb drives, or file transfer websites. Not only are these tools outside of the organization’s control and often insecure, but they are also becoming increasingly restricted as companies seek to improve governance, visibility, and security of company information.

With the MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer, users can securely transfer encrypted files (or folders of files) and send secure messages to anyone in the world using either a Web browser or Microsoft Outlook. They can send an encrypted package of files along with an optional secure message to an unlimited number of recipients, even those who are not provisioned MOVEit users. Senders can also “recall” files after they have been sent so they are no longer available for download.

Benefits for File Recipients

Fast Notification and Simple Retrieval of Files

Recipients are sent email notification the instant a MOVEit user sends them an encrypted file or a secure message. The email notification includes an embedded link to securely download the file or files, an optional note from the sender, and password requirements.

This email message can be viewed in any email client or Webmail application, and the recipient only has to click the embedded link to access the files. Recipients can also send encrypted files back to the original sender. File recipients can retrieve files from their preferred Web browser – including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome – without the need to install any plug-ins or additional third-party software. Recipients don’t even need to be a MOVEit user to be able to receive the file packages.